Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bullying of teenage girls on YouTube

This is a recurring activity on 4chan /b/. They find a video posted on YouTube by a teenage girl that, for incomprehensible reasons, they take offense to, and post a large number of harassing and obscene comments on the video page. In this case she took the video down while the offensive comments were being posted.

These are some of the comments they posted on the 4chan thread:


"shes a b*tch. its on"

"Guns up boys! Let's do this!!!"

"She's not a troll, destroy her"

"She's a really self-centered c*nt, and they probably told her that and she pulled the bullying card out.
B*tches and wh*res"

"Let's do this sh*t /b/, let's get this b*tch on NBC because of her mental instability as a result of our trolling."


"I'll send a picture of my d*ck to her email."

"Can't wait to see this piece of sh*t on fox news either crying or swinging from a rope"

"so call us a bunch of sick f*cks. we dont care. its who we are."

"at least we're having fun"

"Now J**** S********, that shit was hilarious. What's that little bucket of sl*t up to these days?"

"We do not care.
We do not feel.
When others cry, we laugh.
Our purpose is to perpetuate hatred."

"where did the little b*tch go"

"We must find a j**** 2"

These are some of the comments they posted on the video page before it was taken down:

"sh*t storms a brewing you dumb c*nt."

"f*ck you go die"

"I want to put it in your p**per."


"Please, baaaww some more for us. :)"

"I would f*ck it, but only if it struggles."

"Its not r*pe if you like it..... =)"

"we WILL r*pe you."

"I want to *nally r*pe you. Spreading your sweet *ss open, then shoving my hard throbbing c*ck inside it. I don't care how old you are. I would do it to you over. and over. and over."

"Threat? No, thats a promise."

"I want to r*pe you"

"i would r*pe your *ss so hard!"

"show me your t*ts!"

"You stupid b*tch."

"when we say we will r*pe you, it's not a threat. threating means being aggresive about something you won't do. r*pe is something we will do."

They posted what they believed to be her phone number, email address, and Facebook page so that they could continue the harassment. These are disturbed people. It is not known why Christopher Poole allows this conduct on his forum.

The full screenshot of the 4chan thread can be downloaded here, and the screenshot of the YouTube page here. On 4chan /b/ "an hero" means to commit suicide.